Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tacky, Yet Awesome

Curly and I embarked on a luridly absurd craft project* before Christmas. She really wanted a wreath. I was a bit tired of evergreen and red ribbon, and somehow (no, we hadn't been out drinking. She's eight), we hit upon the idea of making one. Of making this one. Which: tacky, but awesome, right? Right? Dissenters may feel free to maintain a tactful silence.An added bonus? It seamlessly makes the transition from “I left my Christmas wreath up for a leeeeeetle too long” to “we’re getting ready for the tacky sentimentalism of Valentine’s Day early” (which should probably include about four exclamation points and hearts instead of dots over the "i"s).

*Only a few flamingoes had to shiver, naked and feather-less, for this to be made.

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