Monday, March 22, 2010

Bat-Signal for Nerds: DIY Crappy! Chart! Thursday!

I'm going to be away for the next couple of weeks, and have no real plans to think about district data. Which is good, since Curly and my boy just roll their eyes when I say, "You know, I was thinking over the anomalies in the data..." (as we all say now and then. Right? Right?) and go back to talking about how much fun it would be to be alien pirates. I can see their point, really. Pirate aliens are much more interesting.
So, since I won't be churning out terrible, difficult to read charts... you can.

I went down for the count with something nasty right after the school board meeting last week. So I sat at my computer, feeling truly wretched and quite cross about it, and... tapped in the WSS allocations for almost every school in the district (nothing personal, homeschool, Interagency and Middle College, but sometimes enough is enough). Which means that you can run the data six ways from Sunday, starting on a Monday.

Obviously, please download the doc (if possible. I haven't tried it) before dorking around with the contents. If you'd rather just have me email you the spreadsheet, give me your address in the comments, and I will send it along. Eventually.
OR (and thank you, Dorothy, for the info, because I am shamefully clueless about this stuff):


Dorothy said...

I have no idea if I am nerdy enough, but I will try.

Meg emailed me the spreadsheet and I have uploaded it to my public dropbox, for easier access. Thanks again Meg for the illumination on the district.

Here's the spreadsheet.

Dorothy said...

Oh, and have a great vacation, Meg. I take the photo implies you are going some place tropical, sunny and warm?

kellie said...

Thanks again Meg for doing all this work. I have sent the spreadsheet to a few data wonks that I know for them to play with it.


Meg said...

Dorothy- thanks again for the help on dropbox. My teenage nephews only visit long enough to exhaust me from trying to make enough food to feed them, not to bring their dorky aunt up to speed on How To Use The Internet. We are indeed heading for warm, sunny tropics (and if it rains, it'll still be fun). And I'd love to hear what your nerdy tries yield.

Kellie- If I had to be sick, it's good to be useful. I'd love to hear what you and your data wonk crew come up with.

Charlie Mas said...

It was a great weekend for nerds who want to be alien pirates with both NorWestCon and SakuraCon in town.

Not to be missed by any of the alien pirate nerd clan.

Meg said...

Charlie- my whacked-out alien pirates might be interested, another time. We weren't back from vacation in time to attend.