Friday, April 9, 2010

DIY Crappy Chart Results?

I can't really say that I missed Seattle, or that I thought or talked about SPS much while I was away. We talked about biodiversity, and funky animals, plate lunches, spam musubi, shave ice, palm trees, chickens and fish. Curly and my boy made purchases at the Hanalei liquor store (spam musubi). I touched a computer once in two weeks, and it seemed like... one time too many.
Curly demonstrated her exceptional ability to get injured in seemingly safe situations by getting stung by a bee. While swimming with me, about 100 yards out from shore. A drowned bee floated into her, and stung her.

But I'm back now (despite both kids asking tempting and astute questions about homeschooling and Kauai real estate prices), and what I'd love to know is: did you nerd out on the WSS data? And if you did, what are your thoughts?

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