Saturday, June 26, 2010

What Would Be More Fun?

What’s more fun than taking 3 kids camping for a couple of days, waking up on the morning of departure at 6:30a.m. and packing up quietly while the kids sleep until waking them at the last minute, hurling camping equipment into the car because the last minute really, really was the very last minute, squeaking onto the ferry as it's about to cast off (literally. The crew had to open the gate that prevents people from driving into the water to let us on and the ferry was moving as I turned the engine off), driving home, painting a shed, priming its trim, sealing its floor and measuring out and cutting studs to frame an interior wall?
There’s a right answer, and it is:Lying on the floor with a glass of wine.
Actually, the camping was really fun (unless excited grade school children are not your thing, in which case... well, it wouldn't be any fun at all).

But lying on the floor after such a festival of outdoor wholesomeness is notsobad.

And indoor plumbing after a couple of days of cold taps and outhouses that were not enthusiastically limed? Rocks.

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