Monday, July 19, 2010

Olive & Abelard

I don't think I've ever typed: these are my goats. And yet, these are my goats, Olive and Abelard. Abelard is standing up. The adjustment to life with livestock has left me kind of quiet lately.


Charlie Mas said...

Can we periodically borrow your goats to manage the turf roof on our chicken coop?

Meg said...

It could work, Charlie. The only issue I could see is that they're browsers, not grazers, so although they nibble on grass, they prefer to ruin shrubbery. Prize roses are popular targets.

Also? Totally cool that you've got a turf roof for the coop. I tried to sort out a way to put one on the goat shed without going over-budget, but it just wasn't happening (unless I was willing to take it on, and I am the same woman who brained myself while installing a floor).

Poker Blogs said...
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