Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crappy! Chart! Thursday! & the NSAP!

Um. Yeah. It's Crappy! Chart! Thursday! and I still got almost nothin' in the way of actual charts.

Although, let me take a moment to brag (and draw your attention away from the not-very-data-rific chart) and say that Crazy Goat Lady emerged victorious from the "who wore it better" chart-off! Woooooooooo! And it was a scientific poll of over 10 people (6 or so may have voted twice. Still. Scientific!).

So, what I do have? Still. No. Sequel.

However, there's all this fuss about Garfield being over-subscribed, so I started to wonder: what other schools are oversubscribed? And so I looked up 14 schools I suspected might be over-enrolled, and guess what? I found: 14 schools that were over-enrolled (based on functional capacity). I got the numbers because I am like a stealth super-espionage-y... person. Okay, I used that super-secret-spying instrument called: The Telephone. Obviously, my sample cannot claim to be super-duper-scientific, but even so, it doesn't really make me think that the New Student Assignment plan is as super-duper-scientific as the district marketed it as being. I keep typing "super." I don't know why. Maybe the people who voted that I have problems have a point.

If we're going to be fair for a moment (sigh. If we must), you have to note that there will be a certain number of people who are unhappy no matter how carefully a new student assignment plan is executed. So, what's the reasonable level of pissed-off-ness? 5%? 10%? I would think under 10%. 10% would represent 4,500-ish kids, and if you look at it by number of kids... that's really too many kids getting screwed over by a new plan, even in Year 1. So... what's a good number? I myself would say under 2,000 kids, which would be under 5%. Maybe that's too little? I'm not sure. But that would be what I would aim for, in terms of not pleased with results.

These 14 schools have around 8,500 kids at them. Remove Garfield and you've still got over 6,500 kids at ridiculously over-crowded schools. I think even if you say 10% is an acceptable level of Year 1 unhappiness, you've exceeded your unhappy limit.

If your school has been stuffed to the gills, how happy would you be? I'd think at least a wee bit annoyed. Not at the parents and kids who came in, but at the district for doing a lousy job of planning.

Also, in a digression of a semi-different note and because I really have no other way in mind to wrap up this post: I would kind of love to see what happened if SPS management turned into a wedding planning company. I think they could get their own reality show for that: Worst Wedding Planners In The World. Or at least an Almost Live skit. If Almost Live was still around.


lendlees said...


A good follow-up analysis is to then compare actual enrollment to 'projected' (aka budgeted) enrollment to see even more mis-management/planning.

For example, Lowell was projected to have 468 (or something like that) this year. Once the preschool kids show up, it'll be 570. Just a little off? Hmmm. And I'm sure Lowell wasn't the only one.

Meg said...

lendlees - good idea. I posted the info in a new post.

lendlees said...

Thanks Meg. We're truly feeling the mis-management pain at Lowell. Astounding ain't it?

dan dempsey said...

humm... functional 336 capacity

and enrolling 420 at Schmitz Park.

Difference is 84 students over.

84/336 = that is a nice 1/4 = 25%

If I was teaching at or had a child at Schmitz Park that would hit my pissed-off level and surpass it.

So how many schools are over by 25%?

Judge Inveen where are you?

I remember Betty Patu thinking the District needed to wait a year on NSAP and Cleveland STEM because this was rushed and likely to be botched.

Astounding ain't it ... that's fer sure.