Friday, September 24, 2010

More Importantfully Impactful

Yes. I am making fun of all of you who say “impactful.”

Are there made-up words that still, somehow, give better expression and meaning? Sure, but they’re often poetic, and I’m pretty sure ee cummings is not going to rise from his unpunctuated grave and sign off on "impactful" as being even slightly poetic or expressive. So. Please. I ask you, not for the love of grammar (because… meh. I can’t get myself all worked up about dangling participles and split infinitives), but for the love of beauty in language: cut it out. And for those of you in the EDUCATION BUSINESS using the word (dudes. You have access to people who care and know about dangling participles and gerunds gone wild): it makes you look like buzzword bandwagoneering buffoons. So, different angle, same message: stop it.

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ttln said...

irregardless, the use of illegitimatized words is only impactful in the ears of the listener.