Friday, September 10, 2010

Sliders Instead of a Sequel

So, it turns out that the first couple of days of school are a little nuts, especially when you throw in hosting a birthday party for a 5th grader, helping coach a couple of soccer practices, getting the other kid to after-school activities, and a little PTA crud. That's a long way of saying that I don't have Crappy! Chart! Thursday!: The Sequel! just yet.

What I do have, though, is a way to make your weekend happier (as long as you don't keep kosher, because this is about as kosher as a bacon-and-cheese-wrapped crustacean): Spam sliders.
Yes, you read that right. Before you get grossed out at the super-tacky-Spam-ness of the concept, allow me to point out that Spam sliders are served by a celebrated local food truck, Marination Mobile. My kids looooooove Marination Mobile and their Spam sliders (if I was pointing you to a menu item, I'd point you to their tacos). It's gotten all kinds of foodie press. Their sliders are pictured below, with one of their tacos.
So... maybe Spam sliders have a little cred? Okay, they're still pretty ridiculous. But they are also quite, quite tasty. And you can make them at home, although you will have to be willing to stare down the grocery clerk when you purchase slider buns, Spam and cabbage and you get a "what they hell are you going to do with that?" look, because... well, it'll happen. Either that, or you'll have to go to a couple of grocery stores and purchase the makings separately.
If you're wondering why I made Spam sliders, it's because my boy asked if I would make them for his birthday party. And I'm kind of a sucker.

Spam Sliders: An Actual Recipe

-Can of Spam (or more, depending how many you want. You can get 8-ish sliders per can of Spam)
-Slider buns
-Soy sauce
-Cole Slaw (a long note on the cole slaw: go with your favorite recipe, but make sure it's tart and go very light on the mayo - this cole slaw shouldn't be even a little gloppy. It should be more like a tart cabbage salad. Remember, it's going on top of fried Spam. I use a small green cabbage sliced very, very thinly, half a red onion, a grated carrot, 1/2 a cup of red wine vinegar that I reduce by half, and toss in mayo a little at a time until it tastes and looks right. I soak the red onion in water and vinegar to make it tarter and to take the onion-y bite out a little).

Turn the oven on to 275-ish, and pop in as many slider buns as Spam slices you'll be frying. Slice the Spam into 1/4" ish slices (you don't want to go thinner than that, but you don't want much fatter, either), and pop them into a frying pan, on medium heat. While they start to cook, mix about a quarter cup of soy sauce with maybe a teaspoon-ish of sugar. Brush the spam lightly with the soy sauce mixture. When it's brown on one side, flip it, brush the other side with soy sauce, and fry until both sides are browned. Flip one more time, for about thirty more seconds.

Put the Spam on the warm slider buns, top with cole slaw, and serve.

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