Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Goats and Snow

They're pretty sure they hate it. Given that they live in an unheated shed, I can't really blame them. I spent a winter living in an unheated stone house, and it at least had a stove. And even with a stove, I came to the conclusion that I am a big fan of indoor heat.

Stumpy's all for popping on some antler headgear and taking pictures of them. Which is kind of funny. Although they'd probably try to eat the antlers.


Anonymous said...

Goats posing as reindeer pulling a red wagon dressed up as a sleigh...a great Christmas card! Why send pics. of the kids when you have actual reindeer. No?


Anonymous said...

Ok, where are the pics of those goats in their coats? I'm thinking this has taken long enough that you're going to have to accompany the pics with some Seuss inspired doggerel - & I've given you that first line, w/ goats in coats ;-)

Meg said...

Mary- well, seussian reindeer, not unlike the grinch sticking antlers on his dog. Still, pretty funny. Unfortunately, it turns out that we got rid of the hilarious reindeer headbands we used to have because "nobody was using them." However, Curly's quite the arts-and-crafts fanatic, so maybe she could put something together.

anon - as it happens, I was planning on posting a picture of my ridiculous ruminants in their winter outfits. It's up.