Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More Shoe Talk

Yup. I still love me some impractical, high-priced shoes. And boy, am I tired of talking and thinking about More Serious Matters.

Do I love the impractical, extremely expensive shoes pictured below? Uh, well... I enjoy them, but more in the way of enjoying the spectacle of fashion than in a way that gets me to briefly consider knocking over a couple of convenience stores to raise the purchasing funds.

Unless, of course, I was attending a formal ball with a yeti theme. In that case, these are the perfect shoes.


The Real Arnold said...


Paul said...

What? No chart?

Darn holidays!

Anonymous said...

Yeti or a Wookie. Then again a Wookie may be more inclined to wear something that is more of a burnt sienna? I just love those old 64 pack crayola crayons.


Meg said...

Ooooh, I didn't think of a Wookie fall formal. Good one.

I think it might be fair to characterize my Thursday charts, Paul, as... less than perfectly regular.

Paul said...

Just concerned about your analytical side.

I can see shoes in the paper but you are the only source for charts!

The victims of the District need you, dude.