Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Goat in a Coat, but no Red Shed

Someone asked for a picture of my goats in their coats, which is yet another thing my fancy shoe budget has taken a hit because of. That's right. My frivolous shoe budget gets lower priority than winter coats for a couple of goofball goats. Poor frivolous shoe budget. I loved you while I had you.

I don't have a bias against photographing Abelard, but he's deeply, deeply interested in snacks. If the camera comes out, he immediately trots over to see if it might be a snack, despite the fact it looks nothing like a corn chip, watermelon slice or raisin (his enthusiasm for snack investigation means I spend more time than I'd like wiping goat drool off the camera). Pictures of Abelard often come out like this:

Which is great if you want to blurrily inspect part of his schnoz, but doesn't quite convey his fashion sense.

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