Saturday, April 16, 2011

Livin' the Stereotype

When I travel, I really enjoy hearing how people in other parts of the country think of Seattle.

Rainy, full of coffee, hippies and hipsters is a pretty typical description.

I often tell them that Seattle’s a little different than they imagine.

But sometimes, it’s not.

The other day I drove through the drizzling gray morning, wearing a polarfleece jacket, to drop our 11-year-old car off for some repairs.

I picked up a latte.

The shop lent me an aged Volvo while they worked on my car.

I turned on the radio as I got ready to drive home to my goats.

It was tuned to NPR.



Charlie Mas said...
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Charlie Mas said...

A colleague of mine came to town to visit her family. She's from here, but has been living away from Seattle for several years now. One evening she came to dinner with my family.

Later, when speaking of that evening, she said "You and your family are SO Seattle." I didn't know what she meant, but then she pointed out that:

We have three dogs, two cats, and three chickens. We're getting a bee hive soon.

We had salmon grilled in teriyaki for dinner with rice on the side.

After dinner we picked up my daughter and her boyfriend at his house to go for dessert.

There were Tibetan prayer flags outside the boyfriend's house.

My daughter has a ring through her septum and her boyfriend is bi-racial. We talked about music, books, films, and graphic novels in the car.

Dessert was ice cream from Full Tilt in Columbia City. I had the lavender ice cream; it's one of my favorites. The other people in our group had salted caramel or the ginger. Full Tilt also has local and imported beer on tap and pin ball.

We met people we knew there, a Phillipino woman I work with and her nieces.

All of these things felt totallly normal and completely unremarkable to us. There were other things but I honestly can't remember them because they just don't stand out in my mind. But my friend had been living in Miami and Charlottesville for the past several years, and she felt like she had just walked onto the set of Portlandia.

Paul said...

Welcome back Meg.

Many of us chose to live here because of all those labels.

Yeah, we like it here where you can actually say hello without fearing for your life.

Anyway, we sure missed your posts.

Meg said...

Charlie, What cracks me up about Full Tilt is that it has beer and ice cream. And their ice cream is great.

I could see how your friend might have been wondering when a Portlandia crew member was going to pop out and say "And... scene."

Thanks, Paul.