Saturday, July 9, 2011


Spam musubi making contest at Momo, tonight, 6pm.

Is it silly? (Hint: they're not presenting the contest as a segue to an intellectual discussion of the presentation of post-contact island culture in the works of Herman Melville)
Is it completely awesome? (Hint: YES)

Unlike SPS issues, do I have a snowball's chance in hell of winning? (HINT: since the answer on getting SPS to change course has been 100% of nev-ah, it's hard not to do better)

Answers: Yes, yes, and yes!

My chances of coming out on top in this contest are, in fact, probably not much more than a snowball's chance, despite the fact that Curly and my boy are, at this very moment, chattering at me to make sure to get the rice texture just so (and asking me to make extra, so they can have some). Still. Spam musubi making contest. So awesome.

Right. I need to go soak some rice.

Later, I will discuss our ever-thrilling adventures, which lately have had nothing to do with school district budget issues and more to do with bears and moose and Yellowstone and the Badlands and, since I drove two kids across 300+ miles of be-billboarded South Dakota (where I hope the local chambers of commerce did not approve the "THE WAGES OF SIN ARE DEATH" billboard and other less-than-friendly billboards of that ilk, since they weren't the sort of billboards to inspire purchases of locally made angry religious bumper stickers): Wall Drug. Their donuts don't suck. Although... we weren't the most discriminating customers ever, at 7am, after packing up the tent and hurtling down a loooooong dirt road to Wall.

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