Thursday, October 20, 2011

FACMAC Open Thread

Got questions, comments or input on whatever it is the Facility and Capacity Management Advisory Committee may or may not be doing? Pipe up.
I'm not Charlie and Melissa, and I do gleefully delete comments. Let's keep it on topic-ish.


Fiona Cohen said...

That is one fine looking goat.
Something that they are not talking about: where North End Elementary APP is going to go. Looking at the reports, it appears that they don't have anywhere for it to go, even if they split it in two or three. So the school's stay in Lincoln may be for waay more than two years.
Also, I understand that committee that ostensibly will be talking about this has yet to get going.
Here's a possible explanation:
They aren't dealing with North End Elementary APP because it is no longer close to the biggest crisis. We can sit tight in Lincoln for a while. Meanwhile the population of the district is going to rise 10 percent, and they have elementary schools and middle schools all over town bursting into portables. That's the emergency.

Peter said...

All I want to knoiw about the committee is: are you on it, Meg?

If you are, my mind rests.

If not, I need to pay better attention.

Meg said...

he is even nicer than he is good looking.

I can't believe I said that about a goat.

No, we're not covering a potential home for north end elementary APP. And I think you're right - it's because it's not the most pressing issues. There are short, medium and long-term questions that need to be answered, and the short-term ones need to be answered ASAP, in a way that will fit with medium and long-term solutions. Hopefully.

I doubt that's much consolation for north end APP.

I am on FACMAC. Along with 30+ other people, so I wouldn't rest my mind too much in your shoes. 30+ people is an awfully large committee to make loads of progress.

Peter said...

30 or 3,000, natural leadership wills out.

Go girl!

Melissa Westbrook said...

Define awhile.

Lincoln is our go-to building for interims. If BEX IV passes in Feb. 2013, then some middle school is doing to have to go in there (or they buy more portables and do an on-site rebuild at one).

Meg, I may have missed it but what is the intermediate stage - 2015?