Sunday, December 4, 2011

Never Saw It Coming

Some things Stumpy and I spend our money weren't precisely what I expected, but aren't really very surprising. Travel, feeding and clothing our spawn, paying for their athletics and other activities, bla, bla, bla. While I might not have anticipated the details, the essentials aren't a surprise. Kids need things like winter coats and braces. The bill for such things is sometimes a bit shocking, but the fact that there is a bill for it... not so much.

I really never, never thought, though, that I would happily sacrifice my fancy shoe budget for the following things:

  • Goat pedicures
  • Flying trapeze lessons

Total surprise.


kprugman said...

Nice blog - holy crooked administrators batman is hilarious. We've unplugged the plug on our school board and law enforcement just unsealed documents in a criminal investigation. At least down here, we get action. Good luck and best wishes for the coming year.

kprugman said...

A little update. The DA indicted 3 school board members and one superintendent who suddenly retired to Texas. The day after one board member was served, she had a $99 per plate fund raiser with her contractor friends. $1 less than what the law prohibits. I said that I preferred hanging, but was outvoted.