Thursday, February 9, 2012

Really? Really.

This kid. This kid scored the game-winning goal in the last minute of a game, while in the midst of her ongoing health issues. This kid leaps off the platform for flying trapeze without a moment of hesitation.

On Sunday, this kid ended up in the ER for uncontrolled, crazy pain that has had her regularly curled in a whimpering ball for over a month. Her doctors (and she has a lot of doctors now), after much chatting on the phone, advised us to take her to the ER, so off we went. In the ER, she was given some IV meds, some fluids, and sent home with a pain prescription, and instructions for dosing, which I followed as if my opportunities to score fancy shoes depended on it. So, you know, more carefully than if my life depended on it, because whatever the Sicilian in The Princess Bride may inconceivably insist, playing a game for fancy shoes may well be higher stakes than To The Death.

So. After going home? Curly had an allergic reaction to the meds that were supposed to make her more comfortable.


We went back to the ER.

For the second time in a day.

And she was admitted to the hospital.


She's since been discharged (again).

But things could be better.

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