Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Lot Like Normal

Things are much improved here. 

Curly, a few weeks after being discharged from the hospital, was strong enough to participate in intensive pain rehab. Stumpy and I ended up calling it pain camp because, well… it was a lot like a day camp, only instead of being about getting better at tennis, or learning to sail, it dealt with the lingering, massive pain issues her time in the hospital left her with. I’ll say this: pain camp is hardcore. Those kids do 5 hours of mixed PT and OT, an hour of which is in the pool (one day Curly did a half mile in the pool... in the first 15 minutes of her hour in the water). But it's also kind of awesome. 

Curly isn’t free of pain, but it no longer defines and constricts her days. Her wiggling, joyful ambition is returning – she wants to see Lake Tahoe this summer. And maybe hike in the High Sierras. And get better at tennis. And do sailing. And swim team. And camping, thank you very much. And also more horseback riding. And more knitting, too. So we’ll need (that’s right: neeeeeeed) to head to San Juan Island for some camping, because she wants more alpaca yarn and she likes the yarn from the alpaca farm there. And, and, and.

I am exhausted, and terrified (we don’t know what went wrong; my regularly scheduled nightmares include a steady rotation of it happening to her again)… and so, so, so happily relieved. My child is alive. The person she was is returning to us. She giggles again.

This week, she’s been going to school for half days. She joins the other kids at lunch, eats her overly-considered lunch from mom (I might have baked cookies this morning, just for their lunches. I’m a leeeettle tense, okay?) and finishes out the day like a normal kid. Sure, she has to head to the nurse for meds, but we don’t even need a chart to keep up with her meds any longer. Yes, she’s vulnerable to pain issues cropping up, but… for all my worries and tension and compulsive checking of my phone when we’re apart, it feels close enough to normal life to be happy with. I got annoyed at a scheduling conflict between swim team and hockey – and then felt weirdly, deeply happy that life was close enough to normal for something like that to annoy me again.

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