Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Keepin' On, But Quietly

It's been a funny summer. Curly's health recovered; as we entered July she finished her last major medications. As her pain receded, her zesty ambition surged - for camping, swim teams, a vegetable garden, designs on a trip to Yosemite next summer (ack, but... hantavirus. still, less than 10 cases. although our 1 in 1 million luck has not been so hot... so, we'll see), and on.
Stumpy and I have been slower to recover from her ordeal, wringing our hands and fretting over every milestone that represents a return to normal life. We have been by turns full of leaping, almost painful joy just seeing her alive and happy, and prostrated by sorrowing worry.

At the beginning of August, Curly had a return of the same sort of pain that dragged at her as she declined over the winter. So while I admit, "sorrowing worry" is kind of melodramatic, it's also just the way things are right now. It would be nice to be a little more even-keeled (or a lot), but that doesn't seem to be in the cards right now.

So we remind ourselves that we have two living, happy children, and carry on as best we can. The pictures are from Glacier National Park - we went zooming through the Selkirk area in Idaho and then into Glacier. Nobody got eaten by bears, although we did get eyeballed rather intently by a trio of them, which reminded me that we were in the rather awkward position of not being at the tippity top of the food chain just that moment.


robin said...

I literally checked your blog yesterday just to see if I had missed a post. Not in a crazy stalker way, I swear, just in a I hope all is well way. Then today is a post, I am happy to hear things are better and I hope for a better keel in the future.

Ed said...

Ditto Meg.

We've all missed you.