Friday, November 9, 2012

Coffee Messiah Was Right: Caffeine SAVES

My favorite coffee shop that I never went to (not in my neighborhood or usual haunts, and terrible parking) was Coffee Messiah. Actually, my favorite thing was their name, and the neon sign they had in their window: CAFFEINE SAVES. Sadly, they went belly up, and the sign went elsewhere, to bring a ping of happy agreement to someone else who goes past it.

The Smithsonian just ran an article noting that in addition to delaying the onset of Alzheimers!, reducing the risk of skin cancer!, and generally fighting crime!, a coupla cups of coffee improve one's verbal processing. I should probably wax more poetic about the truth of this (to demonstrate my improved! verbal! processing!), since my kids call me The Coffee Zombie (affectionately... mostly). However, we are in a different, darker red portion of my day in beverages. 

So I'll just say: Amen. Caffeine saves.


Anonymous said...

You forgot about diabetes - coffee apparently helps fight that too! <3, your most caffeinated sibling ;-)

Peggy said...

Some of the first words your nieces put together were "Mommy Coffee" - I am in complete agreement and sympathy.

Meg said...

I've related the story to family a painful number of times, but when my son was very small, he wanted me to get up, so he came in and told me "coffee ready."

It wasn't.

I don't quite remember what happened (I know - how conveeeeenient), but I do know he's never, ever, ever done that again.

Smith678 said...

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