Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What Do You Say, Dear?

I'm terribly sorry it's been so long?
I've had so much to say, but my heart has hurt just trying to type it?

I think I'll stick with "I'm terribly sorry that it's been so long." Although it has been some time (a year and a half-ish) since one of my kids wavered painfully between life and death, I suspect anyone who still checks in will understand that it hurts my heart just to type about her illness, her wellness, and everything in between. A strange result of her catastrophic illness has been to sometimes make me shrug at anything, as if "meh. Nobody DIED," and other times to be near tears over eye-rolling crap, like tampon commercials. Ugh. I would like to find myself a tiny bit more predictable.

At any rate, picking back up again on the whole blogging thing would be nice. I've done all sorts of cooking - my boy has been giving me a hard time for buying a cookbook that's all about vegetables. He's calling it my Veg Manifesto and my Little Green Book, and generally eyeballing me as if I might try to sneak kohlrabi, kale, eggplant or beets into innocent-seeming dishes. Which is totally fair, if we're going to insist on being truthful, which I hope we're not, because I might then be forced to admit that I will listen to almost anything to get me through a run on the treadmill. Although I haven't been on a treadmill in ages, because the weather has been absurdly wonderful, and I refuse to hit the Hated Treadmill until the prospect of jogging outside is even less palatable. So, you know, November.

The picture is of the Warner Valley, in northern California.


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